GPS Inner-City Iniative

The goal of the GPS Inner-City Initiative is to transplant the success that GPS programs have achieved in suburban communities into at-risk, under-served communities in various regions across the East Coast of America and provide premier level soccer coaching to players who may not have the financial means to benefit from club soccer.

"One of the issues in the United States is that elite level soccer at youth level is and has been for the most part pay to play, clearly then, when you are talking about economically disadvantaged inner-city, you’ve got a problem."
Sunil Gulati - United States Soccer Federation (USSF) President   

The GPS Inner-City Initiative has been a long term vision of Global Premier Soccer and was finally realized with the launch of programs in Brockton and Lowell in Massachusetts in the Spring of 2009. 2010 and 2011 saw further expansion in Massachusetts and the launch of programs in Maine, New York and Florida.

In 2012, GPS Massachusetts added a new approach to the Inner City Initiative by partnering with Everett Soccer Club in a bid to revitalize youth soccer in the area by assuming responsibility for the operation of the entire program.

The Inner city initiative accepts donations year-round. To donate or to discuss funding opportunities within the initiative, please contact Alex Brame on abrame@globalpremiersoccer.com or call 781 891 6900 ex 36 or 508 250 9854.

For more information on the program please contact Ben McCormack at bmccormack@globalpremiersoccer.com


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